Hi Royalty! I am so excited to announce the release of this amazing project that I’m apart of call, “The Queens”. It’s been nine years in the making and it’s finally out. My 2013 released single “Live Your Life” is the theme song, and was performed by one of the contestants in the documentary. The Queens is directed by Oscar winner and founder of “The Reporters Inc”, Mark Sexenmyer. The Queens is part Pose and Paris is Burning, part RuPaul’s Drag Race and part Miss America, The Queens follows beauty queen hopefuls Tiffany, Gabby, Sunny and Naysha as they pursue their dreams of becoming the next Miss Continental. It’s considered to be the most prestigious (and sometimes most cut-throat) international pageant of its kind. The Queens takes viewers inside this little-known subculture of glamour and illusion that attracts thousands of competitors worldwide. Misunderstood or dismissed by some in mainstream society, the contestants are vying for the crown, but also for acceptance, validation and respect.

The Queens

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