Who is MUNNAH?

Every once and a while, an artist comes along with that certain something; A look, a style, a sound…that one thing that sets them apart from the rest of the pack. You may not know it until you hear it, but when you do it will be nothing more but crystal clear. Born in slums of “West Point” in West Africa Liberia and raised in The United States of America, Munnah is what one will call the product of the melting pot. One listen to this young woman most recent effort and you’ll know that this is one of those moments. Representing the perfect balance of rough and smooth, R&B and Pop mixture, Munnah music and sound is influence by every genres of music from R&B, soul, pop, Disco and yes even Reggae. She started writing music and performing at the young age 10 years old.
Munnah puts her songwriting skills on display with concepts that are heavy with sexual overtones, but with a touch of romance on the side. She gives it to you straight, with no chaser, expressing life’s experiences in ways that connect with you emotionally and mentally. Munnah states, “My writing contains everything that I’ve gone through - and many people have shared the same experiences that I share through my music that’s why everyone can relate. ”Munnah has just the right formula to keep the fellas nodding their heads and the women yearning for more and more.
Close friends and family who know Munnah from when she was a little girl will say “MUNNAH DIDN’T JUST STARTED DOING THIS music thing, WE HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN MUSIC WAS WHAT SHE WOULD END UP DOING”. Munnah is on the path of searching for what fulfills the soul, the story of this proud immigrate dream is just beginning because Munnah believes anything and everything is possible. Her brand is just who she is, what you see is what you get, on or off the stage. Writing on real life topics and situations is the only way Munnah knows how to make her music come alive and give her fans the inside to her world from her experiences she has experienced in this thing we call life. I hope that the world is ready for the ride, the experience along will be a thrill filled with enjoyment and entertainment welcome to Munnahs world.